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Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment

Termites are insects and they are often called ‘white ants’; however, apart from their social habit of living in colonies as several forms or castes, in appearance they do not resemble true ants. Termites destroy sound timber, living in decayed wood that they may excavate to house their nest. Their workings are clean and free from the faecal marks that are often characteristic of termite workings.

Signs to look for Presence of Termites:

  1. Earthen packing: Termite working inside wood may produce large masses of mudlike earthen packing on outside surface. This type of mudding activity is also found in wall cavities and over foundation walls where they meet the flooring, bearers and joists.
  2. Excavation of wood: Termites excavate wood, often leaving only a paint-thin outside layer of wood intact.
  3. Presence of winged flying insects, we called them ‘alates’: When a colonizing flight occurs in a building, many of the alates are caught in spider webs in roof voids and in subfloor areas.
  4. Collapsed timber: Termite workings are often the first indication of an infestation is the sagging of structural bearers and joists in floor or roofing timbers, or the accidental discovery of hollowed-out skirting boards or window sills or door hinges screws that release from decreased timber support strength.

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