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General Pest Control

General Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Brisbane

We do general pest control houses and buildings. What is general pest control?

The purpose of general pest control is to kill existing pest in the houses or buildings and to prevent pest from infestation in your properties. We will do the internal and external spray for houses and buildings and it is recommended that general pest control should perform once a year depends on the situation of your properties.

We can treat the most common pest in your properties which includes cockroaches, ants, rats and mice, spiders, silverfish, fleas and wasps.

Crawling insect pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, ants and fleas are usually targeted by a liquid or dust insecticide applied to the surfaces they normally and naturally walk on, residues may remain active for days, weeks, months or years.

For wasps, we will spray the wasps nest directly in order to achieve the highest successful rate of eradicate the whole nest and wasps.

For rats and mice control, combination of methods should be used depending on the circumstances. Procedures may include the following:

  1. Sanitation
  2. Rodent-proofing
  3. Trapping
  4. Chemical control

For spider control, it relies on direct contact of the spider with the insecticide.

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