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Termite Management

Termite Management

1. Timber Pest Inspection

We do timber pest inspection for residential houses both outside and inside. We will try to allocate the colony or nest in the whole house and will indicate which areas are more prone to have timber pest attack. We also inspect fences, trees, tree stumps and areas where timber may have been buried during building or other soil changes. A full report will be outlined all findings during inspection and recommendations will be provided of how to prevent or get rid of the termites if any exist. We also do pre purchase inspection for home buyers.

2. Termite Baiting System

We do termite baiting system. What is termite baiting system? The practice of termite baiting system is a major factor in colony elimination. The purpose is to encourage large numbers of termites to come together at the baiting matrix. The baiting matrix is then treated with minimum disturbance so that the termites will continue to behave instinctively when harvesting food, grooming the other termites etc. and thus carry the contaminant back to the nest, where it will affect all other termites in the nest which include nymphs, soldiers, developing termites and royalty.

3. Eradication of Active Termites

We do eradication of active termites. If active termites are found in a property, the Australian Standard requires that an attempt be made to treat active termites before any soil barrier treatment begins. How we eradicate active termites?

  • Contaminant dusts: the application of dust is a means of placing a contaminant into the working galleries. Those termites impacted by the dust directly, and the ones that become contaminated by the dust while they groom each other, spreading the fine dust among the termites in the nest.
  • Liquid insecticides: if active termites are found in trees or on the ground, liquid insecticides can be used to eradicate them. Application of liquid insecticides are usually done by drilling holes through tree trunks, stumps, mounds or on the ground then inject the insecticides into the termite nests.

4. Chemical Termite Barrier

We do chemical termite barrier for existing houses and buildings. If active termites are found during inspection, as per Australian Standard, eradication of active termites should attempt before chemical termite barrier is installed. The fact that termites achieved entry to the building indicates that the previous barrier, if any, has been bridged, a new application of chemical barrier treatment is recommended. The chemical termite barrier do not necessarily eliminate a colony or nest, it is to isolate the building from re-infestation.

A barrier is installed under suspended floors by trenching around foundations, scarifying the soil where necessary or injecting the soil with an insecticide approved for this purpose. Depending on circumstances, barrier is required around a concrete slab, usually a trench is dug around slab and/or holes are drilled through surfaces such as tiles.

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