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About us

About KO Pest Control

K. O. Pest Control is a family owned business operated by qualified, experienced and reliable pest and termite control technicians. Our first priority is to give our customers a peace of mind that their properties are free from any pest and termites attack. Our friendly technicians are more than happy to give advises to our customers of how to prevent any pest infestation in their properties even without any chemical applications or with a mix of both chemical and non-chemical applications. This is what we called the Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


K.O. Pest Control uses the insecticides for general pest control and termite treatments are all environmentally friendly, water base and odourless. They are safe and suitable to use inside and outside of your house, restaurants, childcare centres and all public areas.


K.O Pest Control continues to investigate safe and environmentally friendly methods of service we provide and we will keep up with our quality and standard of services in order to keep our customers always happy.


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